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I started this shop after receiving many compliments on a hat I had designed for myself and being asked where I had gotten it. So I figured I'd put a listing up for it and I would make them as they came in. I would get maybe one order every few weeks or so. Gradually, I began adding more caps, and now here I am, three years later with more listings than I ever thought I'd have.

I pride myself in offering top-quality clothing that I would personally wear. I don't use inexpensive "bargain-brand" clothing. I know from years of buying shirts, hoodies, and hats online that it can be disappointing to receive a long-awaited package in the mail only to feel like you didn't get your money's worth. You won't find any Gildan shirts coming from my shop.

Check out my reviews and be assured that if you put your trust in my shop, you won't be disappointed.

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